Cheap way of adding bricks and mortar to your portfolio


So why do I need an inspection, we looked over the property and it all looks pretty good and won’t my solicitor look after me if things go wrong?

The short answer is not every problem with a property is immediately apparent and sometimes it takes a good look in the subfloor or in the far reaches of the ceiling void to find either a problem or potential problem from water leaks through to timber pests such as termites or borers along with any number of other things which could seriously affect the structure of your property.

As a purchaser your solicitor or conveyancer will often suggest that a clause in the contract states your purchase is contingent on a satisfactory Building and Pest Inspection and the reason is they want to ensure that as a purchaser you are fully aware of the current and potential items a property may have.

Having conducted literally hundreds of building inspections for major Australian building manufacturers and supply companies for product faults or installation issues through to home owners wanting confirmation that their home is safe and built in accordance with manufacturers specifications, it makes sense to use this experience and knowledge to conduct pre purchase inspections for potential home owners.